A complaint against a licensee, an unlicensed person practicing a profession or occupation that requires a license, or an appraisal management company may be made on the Complaint Form.

The complaining party is responsible for ensuring that all the necessary information is included on the form. 

In completing the form, you are referred to as the complainant. The individual you are filing the complaint against is referred to as the respondent.

Please state all facts briefly and clearly. Also, include names of all witnesses, what information they possess to substantiate the complaint, address and phone numbers. Please include copies of any and all documents, records, statement or contracts that may assist us in the inquiry.

The Board cannot assist with arbitration of diverse opinions of value by two different appraisers, a disagreement over the value of the property between the property owner and the appraiser, nor require the return of an appraisal fee to the property owner.

For additional information regarding how complaints are addressed by the Board and requirements of appraisal management companies, refer to:
     190CSR4   (Investigative and Hearing Procedures) 
     Chapter 30, Article 38A   (Appraisal Management Companies Registration Act - Sections 16-17)

Mail completed complaint form and additional documentation to:
    The West Virginia Real Estate Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board
    405 Capitol Street, Suite 906
    Charleston, WV 25301