Supervisor Information

The importance of the role of the supervisory appraiser places ethical and professional standards on those who serve in this capacity.  The function of the supervisory appraiser is to help adequately prepare an apprentice to demonstrate professional competence and work independently upon issuance of full licensure.  The supervisor is considered an integral part of the training process and supervision should be considered a full-time, hands-on responsibility.


Appraisers must be state certified, active and in good standing for at least three (3) years in West Virginia, shall not have been the subject of any disciplinary action affecting the appraiser's legal eligibility to engage in the practice of real estate appraisal for the previous three (3) years and shall not be the subject of any complaint or pending disciplinary action to be eligible to be a supervisor. 

To become a supervisor, an appraiser must:

  • Apply to the Board using the Supervisor Review application.
  • When approved, the Board will issue a Supervisor Approval Certificate. A copy of the Supervisor Approval Certificate must be given to an applicant to attach to the application for an apprentice permit.  Without a copy of the certificate, the application will be rejected.


1.  Provide direct supervision of the work performed by the apprentice in accordance with USPAP and state laws, rules and regulations.  "Direct Supervision" means:

    • Personally view with the apprentice the interior and exterior of each piece of property appraised;
    • Personally review each appraisal report with the apprentice;
    • Accept full responsibility for the report;
    • Assign work only if the apprentice is competent to perform the assignment;
    • Approve and sign the report as being prepared in compliance with USPAP and all state laws and rules.

2.  Ensure that the information presented in the appraisal report is accurate and dependable in order to provide a valid and credible report.

3.  Adequately supervise an apprentice in the data gathering process to ensure that the apprentice is correctly and properly collecting pertinent and factual data for analysis.

4.  Ensure that the apprentice is knowledgeable about the various sources from which to gather data and that the data collected is reliable.  The apprentice should be exposed to any sources of research that would be considered by one's peers in the marketplace including cost manuals, multiple listing services, public records and internet study.

5.  Teach the apprentice to reason independently and formulate reasonable conclusions based upon the analysis of the information gathered.

6.  Teach the basic routine of the appraisal process including a consistent and regular pattern of data gathering, analysis and report writing.

7.  Review and critique appraisal reports for accuracy, ease of reading, understanding and purpose, and ensure that all addenda are both relevant and pertinent.

8.  Ensure that factual data is reliable and that analysis is both supported and documented.  All necessary certification and limiting conditions should be up-to-date and applicable to the assignment.

9.  Expose an apprentice to as many different property types, report formats and value ranges as possible with the understanding that each time a new or unique assignment is introduced, there is a responsibility to instruct and educate the apprentice to ensure competency.

10.  The apprentice must sign the appraisal report to receive experience credit.  The apprentice and the supervisor are both required to sign the USPAP certificatin.  The supervisor must record on the Experience Log the scope of review and supervision of the apprentice.  The supervising appraiser must approve and sign the experience log every month.  To ensure that the log is signed every month, it is suggested that the apprentice start a new log o the first day of each month and end the long on the last day of each month.  Logs that are not signed on a monthly basis cannot be accepted by the Board.

11.  Upon request from the Board, the supervisor must make copies of requested appraisal reports and work files available for review.

12.  If the association between the apprentice and supervisor ends for any reason the supervisor and the apprentice must notify the Board immediately.