Application for Licensure or Certification by Reciprocity

Applicants are cautioned to read all instructions and questions thoroughly. To speed the processing time of an application, be certain that the application is completed in its entirety, that all questions are answered truthfully and that any requested information is included with the application package.  Please retain copies of all submitted documents.  The following items are required and must be included with the application:

  1. Non-refundable Application Fee of $150. If the application is returned to for any reason, the application fee will not be refunded. Resubmission of the application for any reason will require an additional application fee of $150.

  2. State Certified General Appraiser, $505 per year; State Certified Residential Appraiser, $355 per year; State Licensed Residential Appraiser $305 per year.  License fees includes the $40 National Registry Fee.                                                                  

  3. Application Fee and License Fee should be in the form of check or money order and made payable to the WV Real Estate Appraiser Board.  (Application Fee and License Fee may be combined in one check or money order.)

  4. Applicants must apply for a West Virginia real estate appraiser license that is the same as the out- of-state license or certification currently held.

  5. Photograph:  taken within the past year prior to filing the application. The photograph must be attached to the application where indicated.

  6. Copy of current license from the state from which you are seeking reciprocity.

  7. Enclosed Oath and Affidavit (signed and notarized).

  8. Non-Resident Irrevocable Consent to Service  (signed and notarized).

  9. Copy of certificate reflecting most recent USPAP Update Course taken.

* All licenses expire September 30th, regardless of date of issue.

 Click here for Application for Licensure or Certification by Reciprocity.