Apprentice Responsibilities



1. The apprentice must work under the direct supervision of a Board- approved supervising appraiser. “Direct supervision” as defined in Series 2 of the Rules “means the supervisor shall personally view the exterior and interior of all properties with his or her respective apprentice or appraiser; personally review each appraisal report; assign work to the apprentice or appraiser only if he or she is competent to perform the work; accept full responsibility for the report; and approve and sign the report as being independently and impartially prepared in compliance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and applicable statutory requirements.”


2. The apprentice must carry on their person the permit issued by the Board when performing appraisal assignments.


3. The apprentice must maintain an Appraisal Experience Log.  Experience hours must be calculated using the provided Experience Log Instructions. The supervising appraiser must approve and sign the experience log every month. To ensure that the log is signed every month, it is suggested that the apprentice start a new log on the first of each month and end the log on the last day of the month. Logs that are not signed on a monthly basis cannot be accepted by the Board.


4. The experience log must be made available to the Board for review at all times.


5. The apprentice must view the property and participate in the appraisal process. 


6. The report shall be signed by the apprentice as follows:

     Assisted by:  __________________________________________
     Apprentice Number: ____________________________________


7. If the association between the apprentice and supervisor ends for any reason, the apprentice and the supervisor must notify the Board immediately.


8. The apprentice must immediately notify the Board of any change of name, address, telephone number and/or employment.