Apprentice Guide

Apprentice Program Information

The purpose of the Apprentice Program is to train individuals to perform and report appraisals and to provide a means to acquire experience to become an appraiser in West Virginia. Applicants should refer to the Licensing Requirements for more information regarding education and experience hours necessary for licensure.

Individuals applying for an apprentice permit must submit to a state and federal background check for the purpose of determining whether an applicant has been charged with, indicted for, or convicted of a crime that may have bearing upon the applicant's fitness to hold a license. To obtain information for obtaining the background check, contact the Board Office.  

Qualifying Criteria

• Be 18 years of age or older;
• Have a good reputation for honesty and truthfulness;
• Have a high school diploma or equivalent;
• Have successfully completed the required classroom hours of Board-approved qualifying education; and
• Have a state certified appraiser to serve as a supervisor before applying for an Apprentice Permit.


• An applicant for an Apprentice Permit must successfully complete the necessary hours of Board-approved qualifying education for the license or certification being sought. It is recommended that all courses be taken from one course provider to ensure that instruction is received in all elements of appraisal principles and practices.

• Education credit is granted only when the length of a course is at least fifteen (15) hours and an examination is successfully completed. Original certificates of completion from the course provider must be submitted for each course when applying for an Apprentice Permit.

• All courses must be entered on the Course Tracking Worksheet and be submitted with the application.

• No credit will be given for home study or correspondence.

• After successfully completing the required education and having a commitment from a Board-approved certified appraiser to serve as a supervisor, an individual may apply for an Apprentice Permit.